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We only have a limited number of tickets available at the festival entrance. At the entrance the fee is 100€ for a normal ticket, exact cash only. You can easily order a ticket online for only 69€. You can buy a ticket through Netticket without registering, just choose "purchase without an account". You can buy your ticket online up to the event and during Kvak-Fest. The ticket can be exchanged to a wrist band a week before Kvak-Fest (more info on our Instagram and Facebook- pages) or at the entrance. Tickets can also be bought by calling  0600 399 499 (1 €/min) or by visiting any of these places
VIP tickets were sold only until 30th of April. 

What artists will be playing?

Arists that will be playing at Kvak-Fest are Darude, Slash N' Roses, Basic Element, Jannika B,
East Electric, Toivo-Olavi and Hilhil selloduo. DJ "Älska med Anne Ekholm" plays music between the artists.


How does under 13 and over 70 year olds get in for free?

Those under 13 years (and those over 70) has free entry to Kvak-Fest, by proving your age for eg with a KELA card. If it is your birthday the 22nd and you turn 13 on the day. We will party like it is your birthday. But if you turn 13 before or on the 21st of June 2024, you  will need a ticket. 


Can I pay my ticket with Epassi/Smartum/Edenred ?
Yes, you can. Go to Nettickets page. Then add the ticket to your cart (please note culture-benefits are individual and therefore only one ticket can be bought per time) Choose "purchase without an account"

 Then choose how to get the ticket delivered and how to pay (here choose E-passi). When you agree to the terms you will be automatically forwarded to E-passi pages. Here you log in with your email address. When you have approved the order the ticket will arrive to your inbox. The ticket can be exchanged to a wrist band a week before Kvak-Fest (more info on our Instagram and Facebook- pages) or at the entrance.

Is there possibility to sit, place to put belongings and water available?
There is a place near the entry where you can fill your own water bottle with drinking water. There is no place to put your belongings and no sitting arrangements. We recommend you bring a bag where you can keep your stuff, and a  sit pad. Some have said they will bring their rucksacks that contains a little chair. The Duck Pond in Hanko is a lovely picnic-area. 

I play tennis that day at the tennis court, how do I get in?
Through the door to the tennis court. Enter from Puistokatu and follow the sign "tennis".

Where can I park my car?
Kvak-park is close to Rukki Arena. From there there is a 900m walk through 
Hanko's most beautiful scenery. There will be signs showing the way from  Kvak-Park to Kvak-Fest. 

I have heard about Kvak-Fest friendship bracelets. Is that happening?

Yes, please make friendship bracelets at home and bring to Kvak-Fest. You can exchange the bracelet with a friend or someone you have never met before. This is to spread joy! We will also have a bowl where you can drop your bracelet and choose one for yourself. Kvak-bracelets are completely optional. Free and just for fun.

When will the people who live near the area get information?
All mail-boxes close to the Kvak-Fest area have received information in Finnish and Swedish the first days in May. There will be an information summit at the Hanko city town hall the 22nd of May between 10AM-12PM. Everyone is welcome to join in. It starts with a presentation of the festival and then everyone can ask questions.


What will you do with the ducks and the frogs?

There is no ducks. So we are not disturbing the ducks at the duck pond. There are some frogs, and for every St;ll Kvak T-shirt we sell - we will put 10EUR to the frogs in the area. Frogs can not hear high sounds/noises. Their ears are just behind their eyes. Frogs should not feel like outsiders, they are

St;ll Kvak. 

Why only vegan menu?

We love animals, all of them. We make great tasting Kvak-Oink hamburgers. You will feel more energetic. Trust us. Nice to be on a festival without a stomach ache, right? We also care about your health.And love the fact that you are eager to try something new.

Access and disability
We have one toilet with easy access on the Kvak-Fest area. If you are an assistant to someone who is attending Kvak-Fest party but with a disability, you get free entry. We might ask for a proof of assistance and identity. Entry through VIP-entrance.

Please check our Kvak-Fest rules page

All info that is to be published about Darude, who will perform at Kvak-Fest in Hanko Finland, needs to be approved by Anne Ekholm in writing, before publishing.

Could you not find your question here? Please contact kvakfest(a) thank you and kvak 

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