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Anne Ekholm Kvak Fest founder_edited.jpg
During Anne's public service radio era - her show "Önska med Anne Ekholm" (Make a wish with...) was called "Älska med Anne Ekholm" (Make love with...) by the local folks in Hanko, as a joke. Instead of being embarrassed, and overthink too much about what fun "hobbies" was being done during her radio shows - Anne decided to embrace the new name, and made a DJ name out if it. Älska med Anne Ekholm promise that you will dance until your toes bleed. A nice mix from the 60s until today. Metal, pop, rock and dance. 
Whatever you do - bring comfortable shoes and you might be able to keep up... Anne will keep your feet off the ground between the artists until Semisonic comes on. "That is the last song I always play".
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